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    This House Would sooner raise taxes than cut spending

    FREE entry and open to all

    7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

    Tea House Theatre

    Vauxhall Walk

    London SE11 5HL

    As the government prepares to announce its budget, it will again be confronted by the question of how to tackle the deficit: by cutting spending or raising taxes. Odds are they will do a bit of both, but which should take priority?


    Six trainee debaters will be selected from the membership of the Great Debaters Club to make the case for and against the motion. Each speaker will have 5 minutes to address the room with the audience given plenty of opportunities to grill the panel and have their own say.


    They won't know what side they are on until after they volunteer and they may well be asked to speak against their own position. That's because they are not there to give their own personal opinion, but to act as advocates for an audience that needs to hear both sides of the argument presented accurately and analysed robustly before deciding where they stand.

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