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  • The training programme

    A list of the training workshops we offer and the dates we will be running them

    Debating for beginners

    January 7th, May 6th, and September 9th

    I want to learn how to debate: where do I start? This workshop is an introduction to debating in which you will learn how to turn your personal opinions into structured arguments.

    Planning for presentations

    February 4th, June 10th, and October 7th

    One of the most frequently asked questions by newcomers to debating is: do I need to be an expert? This workshop will show you why being a novice is not a problem and can even be an asset.

    Persuading live audiences

    March 4th, July 8th, and November 4th

    Why are facts and figures alone rarely enough to win a debate? In this workshop, you will learn how to build an emotional connection with your audience through the use of rhetorical devices.

    Making judgement calls

    April 8th, August 5th, and December 9th

    How much should I trust my gut instinct when making a decision? In this workshop, you will learn how to screen opinions for signs of bias and examine the philosophical conflicts at the core of a debate.

    Practice debates

    Third or fourth Saturday of every month (see 2017 programme)

    A dress rehearsal for upcoming public debates, in these workshops a debate trainer will help you examine the arguments for and against each motion before leading a group simulation of the debates themselves in which everyone takes part.

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