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    A review of the Debating London Brexit series: debates, discussions, and on-line guides

    Panel discussion: What next after Brexit - July 6th

    Following the historic vote to leave the European Union, we hosted the final event of our Brexit series as we brought back the panelists from the People's EU Debate and two guest speakers to help us make sense of what happened on June 23rd and what we can expect to happen next.


    We divided the evening into three segments:

    1. Return of the People's EU Debaters to share what they learned from their experience 
    2. John Mahony - expert in EU law on what life outside the EU will actually look like
    3. David Cowling - polling expert on how to heal the political divide exposed by Brexit

    Video of the People's EU Debate - June 22nd

    On Wednesday 22nd June, our panel of London voters made the case for and against Brexit after spending two weeks learning how to debate both sides of the argument to help our members make an informed decision.


    We used Periscope to broadcast this live on twitter and it didn't go entirely according to plan, but we were able to capture four great speeches from our panel and a lively Q&A with the audience, which we've broken down into three separate segments.

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    How to analyse the Brexit debate - Radio

    The week before the referendum, we put four members of our training programme, the Great Debaters Club together to analyse the quality of the debate on Brexit so far and tell us what they would need to hear from the campaigns to help the public make an informed decision.


    Thank you to Wandsworth Radio for this opportunity - simply click the button below and fast forward to the 40 minute mark to listen to the half hour discussion.

    What is the EU and how does it work?

    The majority of the British public admits they know little about the EU or how it affects them. Jason Maude has compiled a short series of 10 minute videos to guide you through what the EU is and how it works.

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