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    The plastic waste debate

    Wednesday 17th January

    7.00 to 9.30 pm

    Tea House Theatre

    Vauxhall Walk SE11 5HL

    Free to attend and open to all

    In this debate, our two teams of speakers, members of the Great Debaters Club training programme, will make the case for and against the following motion:


    'This House Believes consumers must take responsibility for the plastic waste crisis'


    The issue of plastic waste has been in the news recently as the government announces its plans to extend the 5 p plastic bag charge and consider more far-reaching policies, such as a tax on single-use plastics, like coffee cups and polystyrene fast food containers. It also made the headlines in November last year following the airing of a episode of acclaimed TV series, Blue Planet 2, which showed the impact of plastic waste on the natural environment.


    This debate aims to examine some of the key questions that are crucial to working out where we stand on the proposals that will be tabled in the forthcoming days, weeks, and months:

    1. How big a problem is plastic waste, both in the UK and globally?
    2. What are the main causes of the problem that any policy will need to address?
    3. What can be done to solve this problem and who should do it?
    4. What costs will this incur and will they be acceptable?
    What matters most to us is not which side you take in this debate, but that wherever you stand at the end of it, you feel more certain about your position and better equipped to defend it than you did before.

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